Beth Beall

When I was in high school in Houston, Texas we used to hang out at the local donut shop and drink coffee. I am pretty sure the coffee was not that great but it was the spot to see friends and discuss the day. RC would drop by sometimes on his motorcycle and grab a cup. Later, we reconnected over coffee. He came by my house and emptied every bit of coffee that I had stored in my freezer and returned the next day with  fresh roasted beans from Coffee Traders. Delicious! That was my beginning with Coffee Traders in 1994.



Rc Beall

I grew up in a Mexican style house on a dirt road with buffalo bayou at the end and a horse and a burro named Pedro in the yard. After trying a dozen different things--from running a gas station, being a forest ranger , taking people on 10 day wilderness horse trips and building a golf school--I ended up finding coffee. It saved my life, and gave me direction for the last 35 years. Coffee is universal and crosses all demographics. It is all about quality of life. A really good cup of coffee in the morning makes my day go great. 


Traci Armstrong

I first heard of Coffee Traders while managing a small coffee shop on the East Side. The first time I picked up an order there I got lost, but once I found it I was blown away by the awesomeness. My first interview was with RC and Ron, and within a week I had my job as the Official Retail Employee.  My geek-ery for all things espresso-related led me to the service department as their coordinator and purchaser.  While working in service, I also picked up accounts receivables.  I did this for a year and a half, until Beth asked me to learn the business.